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The Vac U Brush suction toothbrush is an oral hygiene aid designed for use by individuals without the ability to expectorate or swallow.  The Vac U Brush is a soft bristled suction toothbrush used to give superb oral care while protecting sensitive areas like the gums.  The Vac U Brush is a reusable toothbrush that can be used for 4-6 weeks with regular use.  The vent hole on the Vac U Brush gives accurate suction control while attached to a portable or installed suction machine.  The toothbrush is easy to use and easy to clean with the two-part construction.  The clear plastic is unique to our product and makes seeing the suction possible.  When the oral hygiene provider can see the suction happening, the provider has more control and accuracy.   The Vac U Brush contains no latex.  Our product is made 100% in the U.S.A.

Suggested Use:
Environments:  Intensive care, rehab centers, pediatrics, burn ward, emergency room, orthopedic surgery, and post-surgery

Patient conditions: difficulty swallowing/ expectorating, intubated, neuro, comatose, stroke, immobilized, elderly, gum and tongue hygiene

P.R. Medical, Inc. was established in 1999 to continue providing superb oral hygiene with the Vac U Brush suction toothbrush.  The Vac U Brush was originally manufactured and distributed by Ora Genics.  We are a small company keeping a great product on the market.  The Vac U Brush has been on the market for almost 30 years. 

The oral hygiene care providers that use the Vac U Brush find our suction toothbrush very user friendly with the small head and slender handle.  The clear plastic makes the suction easy to see and helps provide accurate control of removing the fluid from the individual receiving superb oral care.
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Vac U Brush
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